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Science Fiction Author, Futurist


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I’ve been writing science fiction novels and short stories since the 1990s… light-hearted sci-fi, hard-science fiction and high-concept SF dramas.  My novels have earned me an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon, and I’ve received acclaim for both my novels and my self-made cover art.

Kestral 1 Race to Deep Abignon

I’m presently working on revisions to my ever-popular Kestral Voyages sci-fi adventure series:  I’ve recently finished the “final draft” of a fourth book for the series (which will be book 2 of the renumbered series).  The first Kestral book—rewritten and retitled Race to Deep Abignon—is now available as a FREE download; see the new Kestral Voyages page and sign up for my Newsletter if you’re interested in the advance copy!  All of the Kestral books will get new covers and revised copy; I promise you’re gonna love ’em.  Expect them to be released in 2018.  (Check the blog posts to keep up with my progress!)

And you can always check out my other flights of fancy, stories of—

  • Near-future detectives, robot prototypes and corporate espionage;
  • Orbiting city-satellites, environmental crisis and space exploration;
  • Post-crash America, energy crisis and alternative energy;
  • Human augmentation and advanced generations;
  • New world governments, megafarms and ex-patriots;
  • Virtual worlds, avatars and superheroes.

Visit the Novels page to see what else is on sale.

About Me:

I’ve been a fan of science fiction all my life, cutting my teeth on the Doc Savage and Perry Rhodan series, books like A Wrinkle in Time and The Martian Chronicles, and TV series like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, before my teens.  I studied architecture and humanities in school, and cultivated strong interests in environmentalism and sustainable living, science and technology, societal constructs and futurist studies.  My first jobs in digital printing systems introduced me to computers and electronic files, and from there to ebooks.

As a writer I was a pioneer of the ebook format, championing it and selling my books online in the 2000s before most readers (or publishers) had even heard of ebooks, and resulting in a New York Times interview for an article on ebook formats.  My novels and the commentary on this blog highlight my interests in technology, humanity, nature and the future.

I also spend a lot of time trying to find new ways of getting the word of my novels out to you, the readers.  And I love to talk about science and SF in books, television and movies.  A lot.  I hope you enjoy my work.

Some say:

“Jordan has several other novels that I’ve read, and I have found them all to demonstrate him to be a diverse and talented author. I look forward to more from this author.”

“You have a true talent for creating a future that can be envisioned…”

“This guy can tell a tale.”

“I found myself turning the last few pages in the desperate hope that it was not going to end yet.”

“Trust me on this, old Steven Lyle Jordan can tell a story, and in my opinion, that’s what counts.”

“Steven Lyle Jordan can load mercury with a pitchfork.”

Awards and Accomplishments


Steven Lyle Jordan has won the 2010 Top Four Reads at Daily Cheap Reads, Best of the Best Semi-Finalist at (for Verdant Agenda), and Gold Star Winner in The Book Designer cover design competition, 2013 (for Sarcology, one of his self-made covers). His short story “The Never Ending Battle” was included in the anthology book Heroes.  He’s also been a panelist at AwesomeCon and subject of an article for the New York Times.

Find more information on the Novels page.

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