Beggars in Spain (Sleepless, #1)Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A favorite book, and series, of mine: Beggars goes into such wonderful depth and unique directions, regarding the future of genetically-altered humans, that it almost felt like I was reading the only book that had really considered the subject.

The characterizations were strong and well-rounded; there were no good or bad guys, only people whose motivations were clear and understandable. There is an overlying theme of those who just want to fit in, to find their place in the world, often regardless of others’ intentions for them… to me, everything in the story took a back-seat to that central theme. And of course, the book explores the definitions and boundaries of being human, and what it means to be considered different. The science was very believable, nothing really straining the bounds of possibility. Strong characters; human-centric theme; believable science; how can you beat that?

In short, an excellent read, the kind of story I’m always looking for. If you read this, you must continue on to Beggars and Choosers, and Beggars Ride.