Read an E-Book Week 2012 websiteOnce again I’ve thrown in my hat with Rita Toews, designing and producing a new website for Read an E-Book Week 2012.  (And why not?  Web design is my day job.)  We both felt it deserved the new look, what with the Canadian Parliament passing a motion this year establishing the month of March as Read an E-Book Month and all!  (Want details?  You know where to go.)

I had no qualms about putting my own projects on hold to do this.  Rita’s efforts to promote Read an E-Book Week every year have been exemplary, and I think we all agree that promoting reading in general, and ebooks in particular, is a noble and valuable cause.  Also, while Rita may be a great promoter, she’s not an HTML expert, and her website skills are not quite up to major site design. 

When she came across me a few years back, she asked me if I would help her in that area, and I was delighted to accept.  The improved look of the site has had a lot to do with its increasing popularity over the years, and my taking over the design aspects of the site allowed Rita to concentrate on adding content.  The result: A professional-looking site with lots of great material.  If you’re looking for more information about ebooks, searching for references to pass on to others, or just looking for free books to snag, you can do worse than to check out Rita’s site.

This site also accomplishes a goal of mine, which is to improve my exposure on the web, to help sell my own books.  I’ll be doing a REBW promotion for the month of March, which I will detail soon.  And then it’s on to my next project… whatever that may be.