lines downYesterday Winter bestowed its final insult on my household: It took out the cable.

And I have bundled service, which means I’ve lost television, internet and the land-line phone.  If my cellphone didn’t work in the house (and some days, that’s a close thing), I would have no communication at my home.

So, I’ll be taking off on Thursday to wait for the cable guy to come and reconnect my home with the world. This is one of those “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” moments.  It’s true that, thanks to my cellphone, I’m not completely cut off from the outside world: I can make calls, get a bit of internet and social media, and conceivably watch a TV show or video over a decent connection (though, because of my distance from the nearest cell tower, that’s not happening).  But what I lose is the broadband connection of a fiber line; I lose a few hundred television stations (and a few decent radio channels); I lose the simple security of a clear phone call over a land-line; if I was a gamer, I’d lose the ability to play remotely with my friends, or even solo on the big online FPS and RPG sites.

I know a few people who would have the shakes just contemplating it.

Fortunately, I’m not one of them.   I can wait out a few days’ outages, and catch up on the few TV shows I watch at a later date (mostly online).  I can even plug in a DVD or two hundred, if I really want to stare at the tube… uh, pixels all day.

And I don’t game.  I write.  And I happen to be in the middle of a revision to one of my novels, for an imminent re-release, as well as a short story waiting for its first words.  And a new cover to be finalized for said novel.  And some particularly gnarly blinds in the bathroom that need to be cleaned.  And a few books and magazines on my Nook, waiting to be cracked.  And a kitten in the house to play with.  And an exercise room to sweat up.  And—

Wait… why am I staying home again?  Oh, right.  Cable.  It’s probably ice in the box.

Other than the disappointment that my land-line phone has been compromised by the signal-bundling thing that I thought was such a great idea at the time… I don’t even see this as an incredible imposition.  Especially if the cable guy shows up on the day promised, and fixes the problem in one visit.  That would make 2-1/2 days of no cable in my house, and no big deal.

It’s not as if I’m in an area that has no service ever.  It’s not like I’m on a third world island.  It’s not like I can’t afford a phone line, or I live in an area that doesn’t have television.  Or radio.  It’s not like I lost power in one of the nastiest winters on record.

(It’s not like I can’t sneak online at work.)

So go ahead.  Do your worst.  I can take it.  I’m an American, and I’m spoiled and advantaged as all hell.  If I don’t like no cable, I’ll drive in my car to Ruby Tuesdays and have a beer while I watch their TVs.  Their six TVs.

Actually… I think I’m gonna stop right here. Heh.