TaxesYes, in the U.S., it’s time to pay your taxes.  And that means it’s time for everyone to come out and complain about the amount of the taxes they pay.  It’ll be in the news services, it’ll be in the social media (written by those over 30, anyway) and it’ll be on the lips of every co-worker who was up late last night finishing their tax paperwork and reluctantly dropping off a check to Uncle Sam in the wee hours of the night.

So, since my voice would go unheard amongst the thousands chiming in at my local news station, or the millions speaking out online, I’m just going to say my piece here, and be done with it.

Shut up, morons.  Shut up and pay your taxes.

The United States of America, for all its flaws, is still known as one of the greatest countries in the world, and THE number 1. place that more people from other countries want to permanently move to.  Do you know why?  Taxes.

The reason we have well-paved roads to drive on, and working signal lights… the reason we are sure that the food we buy at the supermarket has been certified free of pathogens and viruses… the reason we have police to protect us, electricity to power our toys, clean water to drink, reliable public transportation to ride on and any kind of entertainment we could possibly want… is because of taxes.  Taxes keep this country’s infrastructure running and keep you healthy and safe.

Concerned about how high your taxes are?  Well, they wouldn’t be so high if American citizens didn’t shirk their duty in monitoring their public and government services, speaking up when they know something is being done improperly, and voting whenever they can for honest politicians.  Taxes would be lower if Americans didn’t waste so much, consuming crap that clogs their arteries, throwing away perfectly good products because they’re not the “in” color this year, claiming that recycling is “too much work,” driving unsafely and causing unnecessary accidents, and contributing to the rape of the planet in order to buy exotic wood to panel their basements.  Americans’ bad habits and laziness makes everyone’s taxes higher.  So clean up, slow up and vote up or shut up.

Bottom line, Americans, you don’t know how good you have it (and that’s a truly scary thought in itself).  Try living in Bangladesh (highest federal tax) or Zimbabwe (highest tax as percentage of GNP) some time.

Me?  I filed my forms 3 weeks ago.  I arranged to pay more than my share of taxes with every paycheck, which meant that A) Uncle Sam got to earn a bit more money off of my money’s interest, and B) I got a refund back at the end of the year.  My money, given back to me by Uncle Sam after borrowing it over the course of the year to make money for the infrastructure I’ll use.

I bought an air purifier.  With my money.  To put in my nice, safe home with its running water, electricity, fiber internet service and a cat.  And I have nothing to complain about.

Neither do you.  Shut up and pay your taxes.