elliot rodgerWelcome to the new photo you’ll find in the dictionary, listed under “misogynist entitled crazy whiny asshole prick whom we’re glad is no longer taking up space on our planet.”

elliot rodger (whose name no longer deserves the courtesy of capitalization) is the latest in a string of people who have demonstrated a severe inability to handle normal life, lashing out because he’s upset that his rich family, BMW 3 Series-driving self hasn’t gotten laid.  It’s days like this that I wish there was a God and heaven; because if there was, God himself would have met the boy at the pearly gates, and slapped him so hard in a downward direction that he wouldn’t have stopped falling until his eyeballs were burning.  Forever and ever.  AMEN.

But rodger is also the latest in a string of evidence that our national gun fetish is impractical, unworkable, unsupportable and downright dangerous to the majority of law-abiding, peace-loving Americans.

When a youth with clear signs of mental illness, troubled enough to be seeing a therapist and having acted out enough to cause police to visit him, can legally buy a gun in the United States, it is a clear sign of a system that is worse than broken, allowing anyone to obtain one of the most lethal tools ever invented by man.

The United States has let its gun ownership fetish outlive its sensibility.  The words of the second amendment, clearly intended to speak to arming a militia against hostile governments (the very definition of the U.S. Armed Forces) has been perverted and twisted into convincing Americans that they all deserve access to and use of any gun they want.

The result: A nation full of guns, barely regulated and badly monitored, available to any milquetoast, racist, paranoid, thug and misogynist entitled crazy whiny asshole prick who wants one.

Americans want to defend themselves; I get that, we all do.  But the gun is an offensive weapon, and more than any American should need to defend themselves.  There are modern, nonlethal, defensive weapons that Americans can use to protect themselves, most notably taser technology.  But an even greater protective tool is the government itself, armed with twenty-first century technology, and not afraid to use it.

We are in possession of technology that could locate 90% of the guns in (and entering) this country.  A safety-driven mandate would give the government the right to confiscate and destroy every gun they could get their hands on.  Severe fines and jail time could be placed on all gun use, and simple things like removing ammo from the market and placing more severe fines on owning ammo would render guns as so many museum pieces.

America can more extensively roll out public area surveillance systems, like those in major cities like London, but with additional sensors designed to detect guns, pinpointing firing locations in realtime based on sound and motion.  Drones can make it easier to locate, follow and even bring down a gun wielder.

In the meantime, Americans can be legally issued tasers, already proven in the field to be effective at bringing down threats; Americans can be allowed by law to carry them on their person at all times, and given mandatory classes in their use.

We have a brand new spotlight on our outdated and unworkable gun situation, based around our perversion of 200-year-old laws.  Ask the UK if it’s a good idea to take guns out of the hands of citizens… how many lives it will save… how much safer their country is.  Then ask Australia.  Then China (who has the death penalty for gun ownership).

There’s no question that it’s time to make a change.  It’s time to bring America into the 21st century with its gun laws.  Let’s end America’s gun fetish now.