angerThere’s an article on The Passive Voice in which authors are relating stories of having quit their day jobs to write full-time.  The article, having gotten over 400 responses, has been the most popular posting on TPV since… ever.  Comments range from those who are making more at writing than their day job, to those roughly matching their day-job salary, to those making significantly less than their day job, but having a few years’ savings to allow them to coast along while they hope for financial success.

Some are calling it positive… encouraging… a Facebook acquaintance called it “an upper and a half.”  I, personally, can only think of one word to describe it:


Okay, call me impatient… call me pessimistic… call me frustrated.  But after years of writing and promotion, back to 2006… after taking off the last year of writing, to devote my time to promotion… after having written sixteen books, most of which have garnered average 4-star ratings and glowing reviews… and having so far earned, on average, about $5 a month from sales of all the books across the board… I’ve had to come to the conclusion that even a minimum wage job would earn me more than writing ever will.

How these other people manage to actually make a living doing this is so obviously beyond me that it’s downright pathetic.

So, yeah, seeing things like this isn’t encouraging to me.  I liken it more like a Reaver ship’s spear through the heart.

So, I’m outta here for the rest of the weekend; I refuse to give a single brain cell’s effort to this writing crap.

(throws down mic, barely misses the cat)