Honda Vultun/NM4
The Honda Vultus: A scooter designed to evoke the iconic bike from Akira, and coming to the US as the NM4.

The Honda Vultus, a futuristic platform from Honda, will be available as the NM4 in America.

The Vultus was originally slated to be released in Asia, where it was believed that the audience would be much more attracted to a bike that looked fresh out of sci-fi anime.  But now, the bike is on the Honda website as the NM4, available for $11,000 msrp.

Sure, sounds pricey for a bike that sits low enough to be considered a scooter by many; but this ain’t a scooter.  In fact, Honda promotes it along with their other motorcycles.  And why not: With a 670cc fuel-injected engine, 6-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission, antilock brakes, LED lights, integrated storage, passenger seat and meets CARB standards, this could be the icon of the new commuter vehicle in the US.

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