jacketI dunno… maybe it was my brief visit to a steampunk-dedicated Pinterest page that prompted Facebook to give me an ad for Rose Wholesale.com’s wholesale jackets for men.  Maybe it was my curiosity, or just boredom, that made me click on the link.  Maybe I wasn’t surprised that I saw a number of jackets that look like the kind of high fashion that only gay men and rock stars are typically known to wear (the mannequin poses say it all).

But I looked at the jackets again, and came to a realization: They look like the future.

Fashion has a knack for creating styles that look very wild, ground-breaking and futuristic… now.  Later, those fashions become accepted, and can become even standard styles (wait long enough, and they might even be called conservative).

It occurred to me that I was likely looking at the future of men’s fashion; not some weird, wild styles that would never see the light of day, but the stuff regular guys like me will be wearing to work in a decade or two.

Many of them look like they’d work well for the kind of cosplay fashion that conventioneers fancy: Tie them in with some utilitarian or military trousers, hat, gloves and maybe a pair of goggles, and you’ve got a steampunk look ready to take to town (which is why the steampunk guess fits, I suppose).  Or some more modern accoutrements to look like a star pilot or a spacebound business exec.

But mostly they look like they are made for a world that is so beyond neck-ties… that finally acknowledges lapels as being purely decorative, no longer practical… and that recognizes the cuts of the twentieth century are no longer the desired styles of the twenty-first.

Welcome to the fashion of tomorrow.  (And hey, you can get it online, wholesale.  Why not?)