Wild Cards LowballI just learned yesterday that there would be a new Wild Cards novel coming out in November.  Lowball is a Wild Cards “Mosaic” novel (which should mean that the various parallel-running stories and characters meet up in a grand finale at the end), the followup to the WC novel Fort Freak.

Then, in checking the Amazon pages for the drop date of Lowball (November 2), I discovered that the ebook reissue of the fourth Wild Cards novel, Aces Abroad, will be released on January 13.  So, good winter to come for us Wild Cards fans!

Wild Cards Aces AbroadI’ve waxed on about the Wild Cards series before; for me, it’s hard not to adore these stories, edited by George R. R. Martin and written by some of the best SF talents in the business, about an alternate universe where an alien virus was released after World War II and resulted in incredible mutations in the human population.  If there could be real superheroes and supervillains in the world, the Wild Cards books depict the world that would result better than anything else I’ve ever read.

Even better are the recent treatments, including the most gorgeous covers this series has ever had.  The first books are now being reissued, which includes an ebook version never before available, and vastly improved editing of the digital content compared to the first available Wild Cards ebooks.  The effect is a much more professional product all around, a huge step up from the bad covers and typo-filled ebook versions of the past.

These are duly added to my list of books to snatch up when they are released. They should be on your list, too.