Some people get all the luck, living near areas like the Arizona Boneyard where the cast-aside Eagles from Space:1999 were sent after production. Visitors Michael and Lorelei documented their visit to this spot in the Arizona desert, where arid conditions make it an ideal location to store all kinds of vehicles… even space vehicles.

Unfortunately, vandals made a mess tagging many of these Eagles, whose parts were used interchangeably during production of Space:1999 and were liberally strewn about the lot.  Still, doesn’t seeing them up close bring back the wonder and excitement of seeing these beautiful ships when they flew their historic missions from Moonbase Alpha?



Finally, here is Eagle Four, restored thanks to many of the parts found in the Boneyard, and giving flight tours to this day.


Photos courtesy the Sci Fi Airshow.

(Outstretched cheek courtesy of my tongue.)