2014 Christmas treeThis time of year brings out the usual “war on Christmas” comments… what’s wrong with saying “Merry Christmas”? Everybody loves Christmas! Why not say so?

Actually, some people ARE offended that one holiday is given so much attention (not to mention the one day apparently celebrated from November 28th through January 1st), while other holidays–their holidays–are ignored. And especially given Christianity’s spotty humanitarian history and mythology.

So I totally understand non-Christians being tired of the largest group shouting them down for a month, and wanting to see a little respect for their own traditions.

It’s just being polite… like when Jews, for instance, don’t throw menorahs in your face and demand you speak in Hebrew to them for a week.

So lighten up, Christians. This is not a war. It’s a plea for peace and understanding for all men. Sound familiar?