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Which brane are we in?

Many of us like to imagine that there’s another world, a parallel reality, where all adventures happen, where we do great things as a people, where the universe is an exciting place to live, and the human race is full of awesome possibility.  My own publishing arm, Right Brane, embraces that concept.

And maybe there is such a place.  But it’s abundantly clear that we’re not in it.

We’re in the crappy reality.  The reality where we race to the Moon in order to stick our tongues out at another tribe; then walk away as if nothing happened.  Where terrorists think the best way to make their point is to kill thousands of innocent people.  Where policemen think they have a carte blanche to be racist assholes.  Where people fear things like A.I., while ignoring the incredibly heinous deeds being committed every day by natural intelligence.  Where people think the only value of a tree is giving you someplace to hang your swing.  Where we drive cars that have not changed in basic technologies in 50 years, and we still burn dirty oils to move them about, because of greed.  Where it’s okay to disparage your neighbor, as long as you have enough people behind you to back you up.  Where people defend their right to be clueless, ignorant, stubborn and violent.  Where people invent meaningless differences between each other, in order to create cliques and segregate others.  Where people ignore the things that need to be fixed in this world, because they think there’s a perfect world waiting for them with open arms and a short memory for all of their failings.

Where I dutifully put up posts about cool technologies and societal changes that I, quite honestly, never expect to see or benefit from in my lifetime.

That’s the crappy reality.  The reality that we willingly, eagerly, moronically put ourselves in.

Listen to me very carefully:

We could be that other reality.