Xmas tree 2014Y’know, there’s a reason so many holidays from so many faiths fall at this time of year, the time of the Solstice: This is the end of the traditional growing season and the beginning of the next one.  A time to celebrate the bounties we brought forth over the previous year—and to prepare ourselves for the bounties to come.

The time to affirm our relationships with friends, family and loved ones, and to gift them from our bounties to show how much we love that they are in our lives, and hope they will stay in our lives through the next season… and the next, and the next.

The time to affirm our lives, faiths and traditions, to reflect on them, to forgive any part of them that did not serve, and if necessary, to consider changes to them.

The decorated tree is symbolic of our connection to nature and the growing seasons, and the place where we display our gifts for all to see.

Here’s hoping everyone is able to affirm their loves and their relationships, have something to celebrate from the past year, and can hope for more wonderful years to come.