If you just heard a strange, mid-range moan rolling over the glen and bouncing between the buildings, it’s only because I’m too old to do high-pitched squees anymore.  Nevertheless, that sound came from me, because I just heard about the effort to bring The 4400 back, with new episodes on Netflix!

The 4400 was a fascinating science fiction show, about 4,400 people who suddenly, mysteriously reappeared in a dry lake bed after having disappeared at various times and places over the past 50+ years.  Once they had returned, it was discovered that many of them, possibly all of them, had mysterious new powers and abilities, which some thought they had been given for a reason by whoever took them.  Jordan Collier, a man who claimed to be one of the 4400, rose to prominence as a spokesman for the group and established a foundation to support the 4400, and to help guide them as they ushered in the world’s salvation… from what, we didn’t know.

And we never found out, because the show was abruptly cancelled at the end of season 4, leaving a massive cliffhanger behind.  But now, fans and the cast of The 4400 have started a petition to revive the show.

the 4400The 4400 was that rare must-see SF TV for me during its run.  From its wonderfully moody theme music, to its excellent cast, its fascinating premise and substantial backstory, The 4400 had so much potential as a series.  Following shows like Lost, they built on their inherent mystery; but they managed to do it much more effectively, even with characters running around with what amounted to super-powers.  The show also dealt wonderfully with the reactions of the rest of the population to the return of the 4400, and then coming to grips with their newfound abilities and what they meant.

In this era of remakes and sequels, it’s not surprising that The 4400 has now been tagged as the next series to be brought back (efforts to revive the series have previously failed).  But out of most shows, The 4400 is the most deserving of being revived: It was excellent TV; it was great science fiction; and it was left unfinished.  Most importantly, the primary characters from the original run are on-board to bring the show back; and knowing the enthusiasm for the show of so many of its quality cast says a lot about the potential of the series.

I urge you: If you like serious science fiction TV, and would love to see a powerful cast and crew bring back a quality show, check out the info on the series and sign the petition.  You can also check out The 4400 on Facebook and Twitter (#BringBackThe4400).