SyFy has announced the cancellation of Defiance, the transmedia series that was a flagship production for SyFy and has struggled on for three seasons now.

Though SyFy had high hopes for this show, Defiance demonstrated the lesson that no show that essentially throws a bucketload of sci-fi tropes into a jacuzzi masquerading as a bubbling pot should be expected to succeed; your intended stew turns out to be tepid, cloudy bathwater.  Other sci-fi shows have been done the same way, with not enough thought given to the meat of the premise, the reason anyone should care… and they haven’t lasted long.  There was just nothing compelling about Defiance, and it was an easy show to tune away from (or not tune in at all).

Better luck next time, SyFy (as long as you’re not going to try to push another potluck series on us, that is).