One of the best serious science fiction shows to ever grace a television screen has aired its last episode on CBS.  Team Machine, and their war on the evildoers who would misuse Artificial Intelligence, is done.  (There be no spoilers ahead.)

From the beginning, I have never stopped praising Person of Interest for its ability to present a world “5 minutes into the future,” where a genius who creates an A.I. (known as The Machine) to help protect ordinary people inadvertently ignites government conspiracies, assassinations, a competing A.I. by would-be world rulers and a possible world-wide doomsday scenario.

And that was by no means all.  Person of Interests‘ characters—fondly referred to by the media and fans as Team Machine—were rare in their well-rounded and fleshed out backstories, and played by a superb team of actors.  The writing, even mired in its first seasons in the usual threat-of-the-week morass of episodic television, nonetheless brought the science of computers, communications and the digital age to the forefront, kept them there, and never felt like it was making stuff up out of whole cloth… a rare accomplishment for TV science fiction.  (Want another example of those rare gems?  Try Orphan Black.  You have been advised.)

Person of Interest was thoughtful, thrilling, tense, philosophical, funny, sexy and tender.  It’s been one of the few bright spots of the last 5 years of television.  And now that it’s over, I’m going to miss it terribly.

But is it truly over?

There are discussions of bringing the show to Netflix or some other online venue.  A few episodes back, we were re-introduced to people had been helped or saved by Team Machine over the years, and who had apparently been contacted by the Machine to help Team Machine during a highly-dangerous mission.  It was clearly suggested that the Machine may have dispatched other teams to help people in other places.  How many teams?  How many have they saved?  No one knows… but that sounds like a great spin-off series to me.

And some think Person of Interest should spawn a movie… maybe something along the lines of many people of various disciplines being contacted by The Machine and brought together to deal with some Mission: Impossible-type problem and save the world.  Hey, I’d actually go to a theater to see that.

Well, we can dream.  And we can also cherish the last five seasons of Person of Interest, the series that showed modern audiences how TV science fiction is done.

Oh, yeah: How could I forget?

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