Yeah, 2016 sucked.  But let’s be clear: It didn’t suck because (insert your favorite celebrity here) died in it.

2016 sucked for me because I lost family.  I lost friends.  People I knew personally.  Nothing against celebrities, but… I didn’t know any of them.

I lost my job of 8 years.  I was told the only way for me to get a new job was to become something I’m not and will never be: A social networker with scads of connections to the best people. (Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to 2017.)

I watched my country turn against non-white races, against the poor and the sick and the wretched refuse that the statue in NYC tells us to bring here.  I watched people being killed by my tax-supported police because they were born Black.  I watched a man rape and kill a stranger, in her own car, for spending money… and tell the cops she asked for it.  I watched my fellow Americans advocate the same atrocities against immigrants that were committed on their own great-grandparents when they came here.

2016 list of celebrity deaths

I watched America turn against the environment.  I watched America attack Native Americans for trying to protect their land from rupturing oil pipes.  (Which—quite tellingly but not ironically—ruptured.)  I watched America turn against truth, logic and science.  I watched America turn against democracy.  I watched a quarter of Americans elect a reality show host to the presidency, over a woman with a few decades of political experience and a former President for a husband; while another half of Americans whined in their microbrew pubs and their parents’ basements and didn’t vote at all.

So, if you want to commiserate 2016 with me, don’t talk to me about Bowie, Prince or Carrie.  My head’s really not there.