My wife and I watch a lot of shows about Tiny Houses, and a popular feature of many tiny houses is a tiny garden, often mounted on a wall near the kitchen, allowing the growing of spices, decorative and air-freshening plants.  It seems like a great way to keep nature close to you (not that it’s very far away when living in a tiny home), and eating naturally whenever you want.

Back to the Future II gardenIn the movie Back to the Future II, Marty McFly’s home featured a much larger retractable garden in the kitchen ceiling, allowing family members to grab fruits and veggies to snack on at any time.  Its main draw was its size and incredible variety, making it something anyone would want.

Fast forward to today (well, not really), and the idea of the pinkhouse—a small greenhouse using pink light to grow plants—is gaining traction with those who want to grow their own vegetables.  And a company called Natufia is working on a device that would become part of your typical kitchen appliances.

Natufia Pinkhouse in the kitchenNatufia’s Pinkhouse is a self-enclosed unit, about the size of a small fridge, that shines light and circulates water through a trellis of seed cups that you order.  When the veggies are grown, you just pick what you want, and order new seed cups as you use up your crop.

It’s the packaging that’s nice, if you have a modern kitchen; it looks like it belongs in there alongside your other modern appliances.  You might have trouble fitting it into an existing kitchen, but future kitchens might allocate space for a fresh vegetable appliance… in which case, you’ll want one of these.

It is being featured at CES 2017 now… see more about it.