So… it’s 2017, and there’s nothing much on television or going on in the world; so, after a few years’ hiatus from long-form writing and active marketing, I’ve decided to enter the fray once again… Novels!  Tally ho!  Have at thee!  Excelsior!  (‘n stuff.)

How did I come to this decision?  Believe it or not, the discovery of (yet) another Facebook page, promising to teach me how to right the wrongs of my past marketing efforts and actually get this books thing to stick, has almost convinced me that I can work it out this time.

buy my booksSo I’m going to try to take the advice of people I mostly don’t know and have never heard of, most of whom are working in a different genre and/or marketing to a very different crowd than mine, and see if their ideas and guidance can help me out.

You can now surely see why I said almost: I’m still not entirely sure this is going to work, despite the assurances of others.  I’m hesitant as hell about devoting copious amounts of my time, energy and money to this, considering how badly my efforts have been received in the past.  And I’m not looking forward to another promoting failure.  But I’m trying to screw on my game face and commit to getting it done… because I really do hope to turn my novels into a living (or, at least, a subsistence)… and also, because retirement is just starting to peek over my personal horizon, and unless I want to spend my golden years greeting Walmart shoppers, I need to get busy.

For those who are interested, you should know two things: The first is that this will be a slow burn, not a quick change… think of it more like smoking meat as opposed to throwing it in the microwave.  There are a lot of tasks I have to work on, including updating my website, creating a new newsletter, compiling email lists, prepping special promotional content, and revising the three Kestral novels… as a start.

snoopy writingThe second thing is this: I’m going to write a new Kestral novel.  The working title is Kestral: Jovian Skies, and its focus will be the initial meeting and budding relationship between Carolyn Kestral and Coray Gheris.  It will be set between the existing first and second books, renumbering The Lens and The House of Jacquarelle to books 3 and 4, respectively.  And the new book will be a big part of the new promotion.

I haven’t worked out the details or the order of things yet, but I am working on all of the elements now, including the new book.  Before you start looking, I’ve already taken the other Kestral books off the market, in order to do some revisions, create new covers and re-release all three, fresh and new.  I will keep everyone posted, here and on Facebook, as things progress.

And may the Gods have mercy on my soul.