I’m rapidly approaching the end of writing on my new Kestral novel… which was my next step in firing off my next promotional push for the entire Kestral series, and then my other books.  Unfortunately, the kind of breaks I’ve come to expect as SOP in my life have placed a nice, solid roadblock in the way of books promotion.

detourAt the end of 2017, my full-time work contract ends.  With that ending comes an end to income.  I’m not well-off; I’m a middle-aged man with a mortgage and way too many years before I can look at retirement (if ever).  A previous bout of unemployment forced me to liquidate my savings to pay bills.  I wouldn’t call myself destitute, but I do not have what anyone would call extra income.

I’ll be looking for a new full-time or contract job in 2018, therefore.  And job hunting may or may not allow me much time to work on bookselling.  I’ll probably try to spruce things up when I can, but long-term strategies don’t seem to work when I’m job hunting.

And I needed steady income to pay for various points in my promotional plan… a new Kestral novel cover, for example.  I was really hoping that a paid-for cover would step up my game and increase my books’ popularity.  I may be able to create a very nice cover for the book myself… but considering my covers have rarely helped to sell my books (not even the one I won a design award for), I wasn’t counting on the effectiveness of a personal cover this time around.

I was also counting on some online help that it turns out I won’t be getting: A facebook site that offers book production and promotion tips didn’t like the tone of one of my blog posts, and decided to block me from their site.  (Milquetoasts.)  I managed to glean a few points from them before that, but I was hoping for a bit more support than their freaking out at my use of language.

Come New Years’, I’ll be taking a needed vacation away from books and jobs for a bit.  When I get back, job hunting must take center stage.  What will happen to books promotion?  What will happen to Kestral?  Hopefully it’ll just be delayed a bit; but I have no way to know.