Okay… I knew that Rita Toews, creator and longtime promoter of Read an Ebook Week (it’s already past, but go read one anyway) and someone I’ve collaborated with on website design, had also taken on another gig: Designing and producing book covers for those many ebook writers that she came in contact with.  But in all that time, I hadn’t checked out any of her cover work. Until now.

cover for Brides of Rome, created by Rita Toews

Rita, who recently did me a solid, sent me the link to the Your eBook Cover site, and I instantly wanted to pass it on to any other authors who are looking for covers at great prices.  Rita creates 2-D and 3-D cover images for your promotional use.  Her covers are high-resolution, great for print-on-demand (POD) covers, and have appeared on products created in Createspace.  Her style is not highly elaborate or digitally detailed, but stylish, clean, easy to read and designed to fit the subject matter; her cover art has made Finalist status in Epic’s Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards, and she has a number of glowing recommendations from her customers.

The Portfolio page has plenty of examples of Rita’s stellar work, in multiple genres, fiction and non-fiction.  I was immediately struck by how approachable the covers are: I see so many books, especially in the science fiction or fantasy genres, that are so ornate and overly-detailed that they make me work to figure out what’s going on; or present me with such generic images (oh look, a bare-chested guy or half-naked girl posing in front of a castle… again) that I really don’t care what’s inside.  Rita’s covers were refreshingly clear and engaging, and have a high quality that I wish half of my covers had (I’m trying to get better… I swear).

So, if you or a writer you know is looking for quality book covers, I recommend Your eBook Cover for your ebook and POD cover needs.