The Kestral Voyages, my most popular sci-fi series, has been updated and re-released, with new covers, and in paperback and multiple ebook formats, for 2018!

Within the Fraternity of planets in Orion’s Arm… among the terraformed planets and genetically-altered humans who colonize them… ex-Guardsman Carolyn Kestral and the crew of the freighter Mary flies, trying to make an honest living, avoiding the alien Raians that oppose human Manifest Destiny, and dealing on a daily basis with the fact that Humanity’s greatest enemy, as always, is itself.

And to go with the original novels, a new book has been added to the series, bringing the number of books to four: Defiance of the Concorde was a needed addition to the series, as it features the origin of the characters introduced after the first book who became such an important addition to the cast: Captain Coray Gheris and the crew of the Jovian Skies!

Kestral 1 Race to Deep AbignonBook I: Race to Deep Abignon

She survived the Spiders’ virus… but is it just a stay of execution?
Carolyn Kestral’s last encounter with the hostile, spiderlike aliens known as Raians, and their attack virus—code-named Venom—didn’t kill her as expected, but all the same destroyed her career in the Orion Guard. Now the proud owner of a Quicksilver-class freighter, she gathers a small crew and goes into business on her own.

But when a clandestine first run attracts the attention of the Spiders, Captain Kestral’s crew worries that the stress could trigger the virus, turning her into a lethal human weapon at the worst possible moment…

The introduction to this series: A bit of Star Trek, a bit of Firefly, our female captain and her new crew are quickly thrown into political intrigue and the risk of alien attack!

cover of Defiance of the Concorde by Steven Lyle Jordan.Book II: Defiance of the Concorde (New for 2018!)

The Concorde does business rough. But they’ve never dealt with Carolyn Kestral.
Despite Captain Carolyn Kestral’s best efforts, her medical past and hazardous reputation means she must accept sketchy freight jobs just to make ends meet… including jobs from shadowy and barely-legal organizations like the Concorde.

And when one of those sketchy jobs at the remote Rho station takes a bad turn—and a group of innocents are marked for death—Kestral and the crew of the Mary realize that, to help them escape the Concorde’s wrath, they need the aid of an unlikely new ally: The wily and mercenary Captain of the Jovian Skies…

Kestral’s new assignment, helping a criminal organization with its collapsing space station, is aided by their newest allies in the freight business: Captain Coray Gheris, Tellec Tiennen and Red Dog 249 of the freighter Jovian Skies.

Kestral: The LensBook III: The Lens

Are Kestral and her crew battling the wrath of a planet?
Planet Shura Dva seems to be deliberately resisting and sabotaging the terraforming work of the Orion Engineers. A local workers’ leader claims to be able to “feel” the planet’s anger… but the Engineers think he’s really a terrorist leader secretly orchestrating the attacks.

And when Carolyn Kestral and the crew of the Mary arrive on Shura Dva to help out a friend in need… they discover that the planet itself may not allow them to leave!

Weird planetary phenomena… or terrorism in disguise?  As the Engineers feud with their Cargan workers’ union, Captain Kestral might find out the answer is even stranger than anyone suspects!

cover to The House of JacquarelleBook IV: The House of Jacquarelle

Business is merciless between Lyrae Two and Lyrae Six!
Carolyn Kestral and the crew of the Mary, as well as Coray Gheris and the crew of the Jovian Skies, get caught in a crossfire of rival planetary corporate entities, con men, assassins and killer robots, all centered around the House of Jacquarelle… and in the process, discover a shocking secret about one of their own!

Corporate espionage between two planets create havok for the crews of the Mary and Jovian Skies, and their efforts to avoid trouble are scuttled when a member of the crew turns out to harbor a secret past that no one suspected!

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