Verdant Agenda coverThanks to having some extra time on my hands (don’t ask), I’ve been able to update the Verdant novels, Verdant Agenda and Verdant Pioneers, for 2018.

The updates include fresh editing and proofing passes, an improved ebook layout, more ebook formats, and new paperback versions of both books!  The Kindle ebook, along with the new paperback books, are still available in Amazon’s store; but Epub and other ebook formats are now also available from

If you know someone who’s been interested in the Verdant books, but always wanted them in paper form… now’s their (and your) chance!  And if you’ve wanted to see these books in other ebook formats besides Kindle again… they’re back!  Get ’em while they’re hot—er, uh, properly digitally formatted!

The city-satellite Verdant floats in empty space beyond a vast nebulaThis is a step up from my past efforts in creating multiple formats: At one time I was manually producing over half a dozen ebook formats, but the products always fell short with one format or another.  That forced me to dial back to just two formats, Kindle through Amazon and Epub through Barnes and Noble.  But with B&N’s recent troubles, I needed a new vendor for Epub.  Fortunately, Books2Read handles Epub and many other formats very well, from one document, so choosing them was a no-brainer.  And as I was already looking for a convenient vendor for hard copy books, Amazon’s newly-purchased paperback service conveniently fit the bill.

I hope you enjoy the new books and formats!