figure of The Rocketeer and BettyI haven’t visited Mondo lately, which is why I hadn’t known that they have a Rocketeer figure in their collection now.

And what a figure!  Actually, I should say “what figures,” because this one includes Cliff Secord/the Rocketeer and his best gal, Betty… who looks as sexy-cute as Cliff looks dashing and heroic (from every angle… va-va-va-voom, y’all).  The figure features them flying, Betty in Cliff’s arms, with a plume of rocket fire and exhaust supporting them.

The Rocketeer and Betty by Dave StevensThe figures are based on the comic book art by Dave Stevens, the creator of the Rocketeer.  Cliff looks like the character many are familiar with from the Disney movie The Rocketeer, but Betty looks like Bettie Page, the popular 1950s model and pinup girl who Stevens based her character on, and dressed in one of the—did I say va-va-voom, y’all?—outfits she wore in the comic.  If you’ve seen the movie, but never the original comic books by Stevens, this may be your first indication that you’ve missed something significant.  And not that there’s anything wrong with Jennifer Connolly’s appearance in the movie, because there sure ain’t, but… Bettie Page, guys.  There are two figures available, a basic figure and one with an interchangeable head for Betty, looking surprised instead of excited.

figure of The Rocketeer and Betty, from the sideAlthough there’s a real good chance that if you get this figure, you won’t be spending that much time looking at Betty’s head.  Yeah, the guys at Mondo clearly had fun putting this model together… and we do appreciate their attention to detail.  (Pretty sure I said va–va-va-voom, y’all.)  There are even more photos of the figure on the site, for you to feast your eyes on until you get yours (and I get mine, I hope!).

figure of The Rocketeer and Betty, from the (ahem) rearOkay, fine: One more.  Va-va—well, you know.