IO9’s writers recently shared their 15 favorite moments of 22 Marvel movies (starting with Iron Man and culminating with Avengers: Infinity War, so as not to spoiler Avengers: Endgame).  They picked some good moments, all right… but I realized I had some very different favorites.

The Avengers movieMy faves were moments that elicited laughter, awe or chills from me… that make me think of this series of movies as one of the most incredible entertainment experiences of my adult life.  And they are all encapsulated by the E-E—B-A notes of the Avengers theme which, every time I hear them, cause a stir in my heart and a catch in my breath that is matched by only one other cinematic moment: The reveal of the refit Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (>snif<  I’m not crying, you’re crying…)

So, without further ado, here are my favorite Marvel movie moments:

  • Iron Man’s first flight, almost a disaster from the beginning (“icing issue?”), but pulled up at the last second as Tony Stark flies joyfully over the Los Angeles streets, comes home… and crash-lands on his car.
  • Iron Man’s first mission to save Gomira, followed by evading fighters, saving a pilot and finally being caught struggling to remove his armor by Pepper.
  • Steve Rogers, presumed dead, comes walking up the hill followed by a parade of freed POWs.  As he’s greeted by an adoring Peggy Carter, his pal Bucky Barnes yells out: “Hey!  Let’s hear it for Captain America!”
  • Thor, having proven his worthiness by sacrificing himself for his friends, is saved when Mjolnir breaks out of its place on the ground and streaks into his outstretched fist with a crack of thunder.
  • Bruce Banner considers the folly of putting him inside a submarine.  Then the Helicarrier rises out of the water, and he says: “Oh, this is much worse!”  Steve Rogers hands Nick Fury $10 to settle a bet that nothing else could surprise him.
  • Captain America stands up to—and repels—Thor’s hammer.  “Are we done here?”
  • Bruce Banner tells Captain America: “That’s my secret, Cap.  I’m always angry.”  Then instantly morphs into the Hulk and clobbers an alien flying monster with one punch.
  • Iron Man catches an ICBM on the fly, and flies it through a wormhole.
  • Hulk catches a plummeting Iron Man.
  • Star Lord dances to “Come and Get Your Love.”
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy, standing together, withstand the incredible energy of the Power Stone.
  • When deciding whether to do something good or something bad, Star Lord decides: “Bit of both!” and they fly off to the tune of “I Want You Back.”
  • Captain America kicks ass in an elevator full of Hydra agents.
  • Agent Sitwell is pushed off a rooftop… and returns in the arms of Sam Wilson wearing his flying pack.
  • Steve Rogers wakes in a hospital bed and whispers to a nearby Sam Wilson: “On your left.”
  • Captain America and Bucky fight off police in an apartment building, Cap protecting Bucky from the police, and the police from Bucky, at the same time.
  • Ant-Man unexpectedly turns the tide of a superhero battle by becoming Giant-Man.
  • Captain America and Spider-Man fight. “You got heart, kid,” Cap says.  “Where you from?”  “Queens,” replies Spider-Man.  Cap smiles and points a thumb at his chest.  “Brooklyn,” he says.
  • Captain America and Bucky work together to fight an enraged Iron Man in a Soviet bunker.
  • W’Kabi charges Black Panther’s troops on his war-rhino… which comes to a sudden stop when confronted by Okoye, his ex-wife, and licks her face.
  • Captain America appears on the train platform to save Wanda and the Vision from Thanos’ fighters.
  • Thor appears on the field of battle in Wakanda, his lightning and Stormbreaker axe turning the tide of battle against Thanos’ troops.
  • Ant-Man is waiting to be brought back from the quantum realm, not realizing Thanos’ snap has wiped out his friends, stranding him.

Okay, it’s a lot of favorite moments.  But hey, out of 22 incredible movies, what do you expect?  And so many of these moments are beautifully capped off by the events in Avengers: Endgame, bringing this saga to a close.

And if anyone out there reads this, I’d love to hear about your favorite Marvel movie moments.