Amid the nationwide news about Covid-19, and the efforts to slow its progression, the public is getting the news that a number of movies originally due out in the lucrative spring blockbuster season are being pushed back as much as a year, or being considered for distribution channels other than first-run theaters.

Though it can be disappointing that a movie you were looking forward to is not going to drop when you were hoping—especially when so many people are under voluntary or mandatory quarantine, and already exhibiting the first signs of “cabin fever” (hahh!)—no one can seriously deny the importance of limiting social contact during this time.  I don’t want to dismiss the value of entertainment media of any kind; entertainment media can be important to maintaining a healthy attitude and outlook during a long-term crisis.

But we’re in a period when we need to remember that we have a lot of entertainment media accumulated over the years; and if you can’t get out to see the latest movie, well, there are a lot of older movies to watch, some you haven’t seen before, and some you don’t mind seeing again.

So, in the long run, we can still enjoy our movies, television shows, music, photos, paintings and other favorite media, even if it’s not brand new, and look forward to the day when the quarantines are over, the theaters and museums and clubs reopen, and we can enjoy our new entertainment products like we used to.

Though during this period, “inconvenient” just doesn’t seem to cover what so many of us are going through, we need to avoid stressing about the delay of our media and remember that we’re all sacrificing something for the good of all… and this is the least we can do.  So go find a never-seen movie to watch or a favorite old movie to rewatch… and relax.  The new stuff’ll come.