Sometimes it seems I spend all my time on social media sharing memes or laughing at the latest antics of some pop star (or some politician who thinks he’s a pop star).  But in fact, I especially enjoy sharing stories about science that come up, or that I come across on my own at other websites.

The main reason I share them is to remind those who visit my social media sites (both of you, apparently) that, despite the pandemic, despite crazy politics, despite social unrest and climate change, and whatever they’re making fun of on TMZ, science is still happening, and it is accomplishing amazing things… some of which will hopefully, eventually solve so many of our present problems and future concerns.

Another reason I pick these out is that many of them might provide the kernal for an interesting science fiction story; you never know when a bit of new science development may suggest new possibilities and, intriguingly, new challenges.  Said stories might not even feature the science from these articles, but it might provide an extra layer to the story, the characters or even a better-detailed background, making the whole thing better to read.

As an example, here are the stories I’ve shared in social media in just the last month:

See anything inspiring in there?  Well, if not, don’t worry… there’s always next month.