I recently mentioned my efforts re-writing my first Verdant story, which carried in it the obvious suggestion that I’d be releasing it at some point.  Today I’m making it official:

Steven Lyle Jordan announces the upcoming re-release of the first Verdant novel, to be retitled Verdant: Entangled, in early March 2021.

Description of the novel follows:

If the satellites can’t repel Earth’s desperate masses, they’re doomed.
Yellowstone erupts without warning!… its hellish caldera creating the worst environmental disaster in centuries.  And the world immediately turns to the four city-satellites in Earth orbit—Verdant, Tranquil, Fertile and Qing—for salvation and refuge.  The satellites must fight off an inevitable attack and unwanted occupation from below, led by the President of the United States… finally forcing a desperate cadre of scientists on Verdant to take matters into their own hands…

Verdant Entangled cover Verdant: Entangled is a powerful story set in the 23rd century, fueled by an environmental crisis, driven by a diverse cast of characters and ultimately impacting the future of humanity.  This story features innovative scientific concepts and exciting human drama, set on a stage reaching beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Verdant: Entangled has undergone a new revision from its former version, titled Verdant Agenda, preserving the original story, but making it a better read… tighter, more thrilling and more consistent in tone.  The novel is also getting new cover artwork, created by myself, and will be produced as print and multiple e-book versions.

The release of the book version of Verdant: Entangled will coincide with the release of a cinematic script that will also be for sale or license to interested parties.  Contact the author for more information.

There will be more content and sale information following this announcement.  Stay tuned, and tell your friends what’s to come.