Ladies and Gentlemen: I’d like to make a statement. After numerous attempts to restart my novel writing efforts, and after the utterly stunning lack of support for my latest book release, I now concede the failure of my efforts: The world clearly doesn’t want books from me.

I cannot argue with the facts that have been presented to me.  Those facts came to light when I tried to arrange promotion of my upcoming book by soliciting reviewers to provide reviews when the book was to be released.  Unfortunately, I could not even arrange a few dozen reviewers for a free book.  I also tried to arrange some support and promotion from people in the SF industry with their own larger audience.  But, like the reviewers, I couldn’t arrange enough influential support.

My efforts to create a promotional team for my book failed completely and definitively.  And without sufficient funds to back a major advertising program, I clearly have no other avenues for promotion of my books that can compete against other, mass-marketed books and franchises.

And it’s truly embarrassing that it took me 25 years to accept this reality.  25 years, 18 books and nothing to show for them except a bunch of copyright receipts (which, frankly, cost me more than I made on most of the books themselves).

Due to this long-overdue epiphany, I am postponing the release of my latest novel indefinitely.  I am also indefinitely suspending any other potential book projects, most of which depended on the success of the latest novel project to see any success.

So, I couldn’t overcome the uphill battle of selling independent, original, intelligent science fiction novels to a pew-pew Star Wars-obsessed SYFY audience with no promotional funds, star backing or viral click-baity nonsense driving people to my site.  Well, I’m not the first, and I certainly won’t be the last.  Promotion isn’t magic; it requires resources and connections to work in your favor; but it also requires some breaks to overcome the sheer volume of other content competing for attention.

My efforts to overcome my dearth of resources with popular support, plus an occasional break, has never been successful.  Again, I’m not the first to be in this situation; for every successful person, there are thousands, maybe millions of people whose efforts just don’t work out for one reason or another.  So be it.  I just hope that this time, the message finally sticks.

Because I’m getting old, and I no longer have the desire to try to entertain strangers who don’t want my brand of entertainment.  I mean, you want 40 year old Star Wars, 50 year old Star Trek and 90 year old Buck Rogers retreads, s’okay… allow me to just step out of your way while you do you.

But be aware that I have no plans to commit seppuku at this time.  You’ll still see an occasional blog post or social media comment from me.  Just be assured that it won’t be with the intent to demonstrate my writing chops or lure you into buying any books from me.  I’ve learned my lesson.  I did it my way… and got thoroughly stomped on.  Message finally received.

I’d like to thank my wife for being the only one in my life who consistently made it clear that I was wasting my time with writing fiction all these years!  (If only I’d listened to her.)  I’d also like to give a subtle (but not condemning) evil eye to everyone else who encouraged me to keep up with this folly for so long.

And I offer a sincere apology for those who supported and looked forward to the new book.  All 5 of you.  (No names, I wouldn’t want you all to be the target of retaliation by the masses.)

So, no hard feelings.  You can now return to your regularly-scheduled lives.  Thank you very much.