Steven Lyle Jordan

Science Fiction Author, Futurist

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I’ve been writing serious and light-hearted sci-fi, high-concept SF dramas and short stories since the 1990s.  My novels have earned me an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon, and I’ve received acclaim for both my novels and my self-made cover art.

About Me:

I’ve been a fan of science fiction all my life: My formative years were filled with NASA’s manned space program accomplishments, the science fiction TV and movies, and the environmental movements of the 1960s and 70s.  I developed an early devotion for science, the environment and the future, as well as a passion for the technology that created the special effects in my favorite movies and TV shows.

As a writer I was a pioneer of the ebook format, championing it and selling my books online in the 2000s before most readers (or publishers) had even heard of ebooks, and resulting in a New York Times interview for an article on ebook formats.  My novels and the commentary on this blog highlight my interests in technology, humanity, nature and the future.

I also spend a lot of time trying to find new ways of getting the word of my novels out to you, the readers.  And I love to talk about science and SF in books, television and movies.  A lot.  I hope you enjoy my work.

Some say:

“Jordan has several other novels that I’ve read, and I have found them all to demonstrate him to be a diverse and talented author. I look forward to more from this author.”

“You have a true talent for creating a future that can be envisioned…”

“This guy can tell a tale.”

“I found myself turning the last few pages in the desperate hope that it was not going to end yet.”

“Trust me on this, old Steven Lyle Jordan can tell a story, and in my opinion, that’s what counts.”

“Steven Lyle Jordan can load mercury with a pitchfork.”

Awards and Accomplishments

Steven Lyle Jordan leading a discussion about science fiction in media at Escape Velocity 2018.

Steven Lyle Jordan has won the 2010 Top Four Reads at Daily Cheap Reads, Best of the Best Semi-Finalist at (for Verdant Agenda), and Gold Star Winner in The Book Designer cover design competition, 2013 (for Sarcology, one of his self-made covers). His short story “The Never Ending Battle” was included in the anthology book Heroes.  He’s also been a panelist at Escape Velocity and AwesomeCon and interviewed by the New York Times, Book Chums and The Tainted Archive.

Find more information on the Novels page.

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