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Within the Fraternity of planets in Orion’s Arm… among the terraformed planets and genetically-altered humans who colonize them… ex-Guardsman Carolyn Kestral and the crew of the freighter Mary fly, trying to make an honest living, avoiding the alien Raians that oppose human Manifest Destiny, and dealing on a daily basis with the fact that Humanity’s greatest enemy, as always, is itself.

cover of Defiance of the Concorde by Steven Lyle Jordan.The Kestral Voyages are Steven Lyle Jordan’s best-selling novels, and all of them have been updated and re-released with new covers, multiple ebook formats and paperback versions. Defiance of the Concorde is the newest book in the Kestral series:

When a sketchy job at the remote Rho station takes a bad turn—and a group of innocents are marked for death—Kestral and the crew of the Mary realize that, to help them escape the Concorde’s wrath, they need the aid of an unlikely new ally: The wily and mercenary Captain of the Jovian Skies. 

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“Ranks up there with the best scifi writers of the past century.”*

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Steven Lyle Jordan has earned an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon and 4.65 on Goodreads with his best-selling novels, full of unique characters, space and futuristic action, realistic science, intelligence, excitement, humor, passion and pathos.

*From an actual book review.  Honest.  Learn more about Steven Lyle Jordan.

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