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About Steven Lyle Jordan

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Steven has written (so far) 17 novels. Living through the Space Age, the Computer Age, the tail end of the Cold War and the beginnings of the Environmental Era have molded his views on science and technology, and their place in society and the natural world.

His futurist fiction novels—ranging from hard and high-concept SF to spacefaring sci-fi adventure—have earned an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon, 4.65 on Goodreads, and other awards and notices.

His favorite authors and inspirations include Jack McDevitt, Michael Crichton, Nancy Kress, Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem, Ben Bova, Frederik Pohl and many others.  Stories of inventive and surprising aspects of scientific development, and the human adventures that result, are primary influences of his books.

He loves to talk about science, technology, futurism and SF in books, television and movies on his blog and elsewhere. A lot.

Some say*:

“Standing in the glow of Clarke, Pohl and McDevitt…”

“Ranks up there with the best scifi writers of the past century.”

“You have a true talent for creating a future that can be envisioned…”

“This guy can tell a tale.”

“I found myself turning the last few pages in the desperate hope that it was not going to end yet.”

“Steven Lyle Jordan can load mercury with a pitchfork.”

*Quotes from book reviews

Awards and Accomplishments


Steven has won the 2010 Top Four Reads at Daily Cheap Reads, Best of the Best Semi-Finalist at (for Verdant Agenda), and Gold Star Winner in The Book Designer cover design competition, 2013 (for Sarcology, one of his self-made covers). His short story “The Never Ending Battle” was included in the anthology book Heroes from Silence In The Library Publishing.  He’s also been a panelist at Escape Velocity and AwesomeCon and interviewed by the New York Times and BookChums.

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