Steven Lyle Jordan

Science, Fiction and Futurism

Need a writer?

I’ve been writing since the 1990s… starting with my earliest novels, and moving on to web content related to science, science fiction, entertainment and favorite subjects such as transportation, the environment, technological history and social issues.

By the 2000s, I was working professionally as a web developer for government contractors.  My work often included editing web content to satisfy government compliance standards; and I specialized in producing websites, blog and social media content, learning web coding and applying my skills in graphics production to improving the look, performance and compliance of that content.

At the same time, I polished my novel and web writing abilities and developed editing skills that I applied to my content as well as the content of my clients.

To date I’ve written and edited 18 novels and countless postings to websites, blogs and social media sites.  My novels and blog posts can be considered writing samples for those who may be interested in obtaining my writing services.  I am looking for such new opportunities… I’d like to offer my writing services to you.

Feel free to examine the content on this blog and visit my LinkedIn page, and contact me if you have a position I might fill for you.

—Steven Lyle Jordan

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