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Steven Lyle Jordan’s science fiction novels—ranging from high-concept SF to spacefaring sci-fi adventure—have earned an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon, 4.65 on Goodreads and other awards and notices.

Steven was a pioneer of the ebook format, championing it and selling his ebooks online in the 2000s before most readers (or publishers) had even heard of ebooks, and resulting in a New York Times interview for an article on ebook formats.

Take a look at some reviews via his Goodreads page.

These books are available on Amazon (Kindle format):


sarcology cover 2014Human beings aren’t always flesh and blood. Detectives Allen and Jessica Teal are called in to assist a beautiful scientist being blackmailed into stealing bleeding-edge robotics technology.  But when high-tech corporate extortion is unexpectedly replaced with murder, a humanoid robotic prototype becomes vital to the case—and a lifeline to one detective’s past.

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Verdant Agenda

Verdant Agenda coverThe eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera threatens the global ecosystem, and Earth’s population tries to seek refuge in the four city-satellites in Earth orbit—Verdant, Tranquil, Fertile and Qing—even though further overloading will ruin their survivability as well. But as the satellites fight forced occupation, a secret group on Verdant has an agenda of its own…

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Verdant Pioneers

Verdant Pioneers 2015 coverSequel to Verdant Agenda.  The city-satellite Verdant struggles to survive in deep space, knowing nothing of the state of an Earth ravaged by the Yellowstone Caldera.  But when the deep-space discovery of the age is marred by the unexpected disappearance of one of Verdant’s freighters, CEO Julian Lenz and his staff must make a difficult decision: To take Verdant into hiding, perhaps forever; or to return to an Earth in uncertain condition, and risk Verdant’s survival.

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Evoguia cover 2015Dr. Anitra Juarez creates a revolutionary breakthrough in accessing the untapped potential in humans, and in so doing, sows the seeds of a decades-spanning conflict between Homo Sapiens and a group of people—a 98-pound weakling, a police detective, a boy with learning difficulties and an illness-prone woman—who become the first generation of Homo Evoguía… the Self-Evolved Man.

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As The Mirror Cracks

Cover of As the Mirror CracksThe Mirror is more than just another virtual reality; it is a worldwide phenomenon, with social, political and financial aspects that are deeply entwined with those of the real world.  So when a plot is uncovered to destroy The Mirror, it’s serious.  It’s a race to save The Mirror, and the real world with it, led by a mild-mannered reporter and his unique reflection: The ultimate Mirror superhero, Zenith!

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Chasing the Light

Chasing the Light 2016 coverTom Everson, forced to flee his home during the 2019 oil riots, returns eight years later to find the love he had to leave behind, start a business and make a life for them both. But America’s corporation-exacerbated energy situation has only gotten worse, and the country may break out in renewed riots at any time! Did Tom arrive at exactly the wrong moment?

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Worldfarm One

cover of Worldfarm OneAll Keith Maryland wants to do is leave the collapsed United States and start a new life in the U.N.’s ambitious Worldfarm project. But American prejudice, the distrust of his colleagues, and the unwanted attention of local drug smugglers leave him wondering whether this was the best, or the worst, decision of his life. Sometimes, being a foreigner can suck.

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Thrill to the adventures of Carolyn Kestral and the crew of the Mary as they travel throughout the Fraternity, making a living and seeking excitement in Orion’s Arm!

The Kestral Voyages are being re-released in 2018; read more on the Kestral page.

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