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The Shorts

The Most Interesting Man in the World boarding a rocket ship to Mars

I don’t often write short stories… but when I do, they are short… and always stories.

These are shorts I wrote for various reasons, some for other clients, some for myself.  Most are science fiction, but there are exceptions to the rule.  You can read all of them here for free, so enjoy.

Denial of Service—five stories
The saga of IT guy Mike Schitzeiss and his adventures in the magical world of San Diego.

The Onuissance Cells—eight stories
Tales of the Age of Obligation.

A scientist plays with sexual identity, and gets taken down a peg.

The First Expedition
The second expedition to Mars arrives at the final resting place of the first expedition.

The Never-Ending Battle
Brothers, at opposite ends of morality, have their final battle.

To the Other Side
Scientists hope to rewrite the end of the universe, but haven’t taken everything into account.


…and if you like any of the shorts, you really should check out the Novels page!

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