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Denial of Service

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Once upon a time, I came up with a story idea, with an idea to have some fun…

In the spirit of the successful USA Network series Burn Notice and Royal Pains comes a new series concept… well, actually, it’s an old concept… specifically, it’s the same concept as Burn Notice and Royal Pains, given a new setting, new characters, a new profession and a new catchy name that suggests the profession and situation of the main character. Soon to be a major television series, unless it only comes out as a free e-book on my site.

What the hey, I had time to kill.

This material was originally written off-the-cuff for the MobileRead web forum, a site dedicated to the promotion of Ebooks, which I was frequenting as I started to build my library of novels.  Why?  Just for the hell of it, really.  I felt like trying a humorous riff off the original Burn Notice concept—clever and successful spy suddenly gets blacklisted without knowing why, ends up stuck in Miami, hooks up with an old colleague and an ex-girlfriend, and uses his skills to help people while he tries to find out who blacklisted him, why, and what he has to do to reverse the blacklist and go back to legit spy work.  You know… the usual stuff.

The short stories presented here are just as they were written and presented on the MobileRead forum, with minor editing applied.  (Translation: Since this is free, I promise nothing.  And yes, I know I used to use “actually” a lot.  Deal.)  The comments and notations with each story were from actual comments put on the forum by me or the MobileRead members.  I present them here for your entertainment… I hope you enjoy them.

Pilot: Pirates of the Californian

Episode 2: Meet the Trojans

Episode 3: The Ukrainian Connection

Episode 4: L.A. Conspiratorial

Episode 5: End of Line.


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